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  5. Confused about "prends"?


Confused about "prends"?


I was strengthening my skills and came across the sentence, "Je prends le diner," which means I eat dinner. But couldn't I use mange here instead? Why would it be prends? When should I use prend?


February 25, 2018



Prendre = to take, to have

Prendre means to have when it's relating to food. So, Je prends le diner I have dinner (basically, I eat dinner).

You could use manger here, it's just the difference between I have (prends) dinner and I eat (mange) dinner.

Use prendre when you're talking about having or eating food.

Je prends le diner. Vous ne prenez pas de pain perdu. Etc.

Hope this helped.


Oh, I see! Thank you so much!



Look at this link, on the Spanish forum, a comrade has written a very good text that answers your question, it is in French (almost perfect) but make the effort to read it (use an online dictionary for help you translating it.)


It’s used a lot in French. Je vais prendre le petit dejeuner... it’s just a commonly used expression

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