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Please bring back the translation (immersion) feature.

Please bring back the translation (immersion) feature. I've done the tree four times (in German and in English) and am losing interest.

February 25, 2018



For all the good that immersion had, it was also kind of crappy. The ratio of reward-to-time-invested was minuscule for the lower tiers, and the articles were littered with obviously google-translated passages that were nonsensical or grammatically incorrect, and any attempt to fix them resulted in all of your translations getting downvoted, thus preventing you from advancing to the next tier.

Also the articles were about 99% wikipedia articles, which got really tedious to translate after awhile. I'd love to see a variation of the feature make a comeback, akin to the new Stories. Toss out the collaborative element and put up some stories from the public domain. Some Grimm's or Mann or or Schiller or the like.


Leave alone when someone came over from google translate to correct your right translation or they changed a comma to get the xp :P I'm glad I'll never have to deal with them again... meanwhile, take a lingot :P


Well, there's your problem. You need to move onto other stuff rather than just staying and only using Duolingo.


I am taking German 5 at my Uni as well as listening to news auf Deutsch for an hour daily in preparation for a month-long immersion program in Berlin over the summer. I use Duo for warmup but, as I mentioned, am losing interest.


Congratulations! Level 25 in English and German


Please try http://translatihan.com
Mark van Roode, a former active member of Immersion, is the manager of this substitute for Duolingo's immersion.

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