French Approximate Pronunciation

These are for the patterns in reading French that I've compiled recently.

  1. -e vs. -es (in two or three-letter word):
    -e, in two-letter words such as "je","le","te","de" or "me" is pronounced as /uh/. To differentiate it with the -es sound in three-letter words such as "les","tes","des" or "mes", -es is pronounced as /è/

  2. Cette vs. c'est
    Cette pronounces even the last -te, while "c'est" is /sèt/ (Edit: /sèt/ is only done when there's a liaison)

  3. est vs. et
    Est is more like an /e/ while "et" is more like a /y/

  4. que vs. qui
    "que" is more like /quh/ while qui is like "key"

  5. fils vs. fille vs. filles vs. fil
    "fils" (son) is /fis/, the ll in "fille(s)" sounds like the Spanish "ll", "fil" pronounces the "l"

French Phonemes.

  1. oi(e/s/t) -- /wah/ or /ua/
  2. oir(e) -- /wahr/
  3. age -- the age in camouflage
  4. eau(x) -- /oh/
  5. eu(x) -- /uh/ or /ò/
  6. auge -- /awzh/ (the /zh/ is like in the Chinese "Zhengzhou", or the "ge" in "George")
  7. ouge -- /oozh/
  8. ng -- /nj/ (the ng in sponge)
  9. (a/e)il(le) -- /ay/ or /eyy/
  10. ouil(le) -- more like the oui but slower and the i is closer to y than being an i /ouiyy/
  11. ai(t/s/ent) -- /è/
  12. gn -- /ñ/ (I noticed that even in Italian, the "gn" is like the Spanish ñ)
  13. euil(le) -- /oy/

Hope this helps, but if some phonemes are slightly off, tell me, or maybe I've missed some more phonemes, I'm grateful to accept any suggestions.

February 25, 2018


Cette vs. c'est

Cette pronounces even the last -te, while "c'est" is /sèt/

cette = /sɛt/ (final e may be pronounced as ə but that is non-standard)
c'est = /sɛ/ or /se/ (t is pronounced only when there is a liaison)

February 25, 2018

I cannot type that open e, so I sticked (stuck?) with the è :/ I know what you're pointing, I could imagine the voice in my head, it is that, I don't know what phonemes to use in that case. Thank you for that info :)

February 25, 2018

If you don't mind I'm going to copy and paste this into a document <: This helps immensely, thank you!

February 25, 2018

Sure :)

February 25, 2018

Merci beaucoup!

February 25, 2018

Thanks for attaching this page for me :)

February 26, 2018
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