Determiners vs Attributes both "προσδιορισμοί" in Greek

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What are the differences or the similarities of "determiners" and "attributes" They were translated both as "Προσδιορισμοί" in greek language.

Determiners are the words "that","those""this"these", all, everybody, every, everything, everyone, any, pther, another, anything, anybody, another, each, something, one, no, such, both

Attributes are the words power,quality, look, beauty, force, difference, identity, expression, importance, luck, personality, advantage.

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The most accurate translation for attribute is actually χαρακτηριστικό, ιδιότητα. The word determiner is used to describe the words you mentioned above. These words actually tell us whether the noun is something specific (the definite article, demonstratives, possessives or interrogatives) or general (indefinite article and pronouns).

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