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Nicos Weg A1, A2 and B1 bitesize-show with exercies

I've just come across this very nice German course organized around a series of video telling the story of Nico who recently moved to Germany. Each episode is a couple of minutes long, so it's not too overwhelming, there are subtitles, exercises and vocabulary (use the orange menu on top of every video to access them).

I think it's very very nicely packaged and can be enjoyed even more casually, just for the story :)


If you prefer, there's also a playlist on YouTube (no subtitles, as far as I know and also they haven't published all the episodes here yet): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abFz6JgOMCk=PLs7zUO7VPyJ5DV1iBRgSw2uDl832n0bLg

Have fun! :)

February 25, 2018


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It is well done and offers a fun way to learn. I would definitely recommend it for someone who is a beginner or just lower intermediate. It's pretty new and I can't make much use of it now that my German is better. I wish they would make a systematic course like this for B2 or even C1. When I was at lower levels I used other resources from DW that were available at the time and they served me well, which just proves that DW knows how to help German learners.


Well, if your level is higher maybe you don't really need another course, just try regular media like movies, series, newspapers, podcasts etc :)

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Of course I'm doing all that, just saying I would appreciate a similar course for my level. The fact that there isn't one is not gonna stop me :-)


It is indeed really good! I used it for A1 and have to say it boosted my German really quickly. Everything you need including scripts is on DW website. However one thing I have to say, not sure if it was my German was not good enough even for A1, but the A1 dialogues were way too difficult for me to understand at the time, I had to change to Harry - gefangen in the Zeit (which is by DW as well and also very good!) at the end of A1.

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    I passed A1 and A2, with recommendation of starting with B1. But I was a little shaky with some of my answers on A2, so I think I'll start there. Thanks for the link and here's a lingot.


    Thank you for sharing this. It looks very helpful.

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      I just noticed you have a 1081 day streak (as of this post. I'm sure it will keep going). Great job.


      Thank you, well, currently I'm not using Duolingo very actively apart from Stories, I'm keeping it alive just because :)


      Ich auch. I've just passed the DW placement test saying I'm good at A2 and should focus on B1, but does that mean I should start Nicos Weg at B1? Kinda don't wanna miss out on the story, but I don't want it to be too basic. Maybe I'll just watch A1-A2 without doing exercises and then jump into B1 fully


      Hi people, can anyone tell me how can I download the movie ( Nico's veg ) with german subtitle?

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