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"Mijn buurvrouw is op vakantie, dus ik zorg voor haar kat."

Translation:My neighbor is on vacation, so I am taking care of her cat.

6 months ago



Is "buurvrouw" commonly used in the Netherlands? It's strange to me to hear a word specifically for a female or male neighbor

2 weeks ago

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Yes, "buurman" and "buurvrouw" are both very common.

2 weeks ago


Is there a generic term for "neighbor"? Or if you don't know the gender, do you just stick with "buurman"?

2 weeks ago

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Well there is a Dutch saying:

"Beter een goede buur dan een verre vriend!"

So you see, 'een buur' is a neutral form of the word for neighbor. However you would only address your neigbors like that after having met them a few times and are inviting them for coffee every now and then. You cannot use this neutral 'buur' in speaking or writing 'about' your neighbor.

Otherwise (when you never see them) just use the plural : buren.

But then again you would need to specify: Zijn het de achterburen; de overburen; de bovenburen of gewoon de buren. Of zijn het alleen de buurkinderen die langs kwamen?

6 days ago