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Bonjour Salut! Jemapelle Megan. Ca van Biden et toi ?

Hey everyone, plz help me with this I need to learn some French

February 25, 2018



Your sentence (in, i think, a little better) : Bonjour ! Je m'appelle Megan. Ça va bien et toi ? I hope you asked that ! ^^'


"Bonjour" and "salut" are both a way of greeting someone, so be sure to choose just one next time. ("Bonjour" is more formal.) Jemapelle should be Je m'appelle, as others have already said. And if you are talking to strangers, "Comment allez-vous" is a more formal way of asking how someone is. And "et toi" means "and you," so it might be more appropriate to ask that after saying your name (My name is Megan. And you? How are you? instead of My name is Megan. How are you? And you?)

Now a response: Comme ci, comme ça. Je m'appelle J. Comment allez-vous ?


Bonnnnjour! Je suis Serenity Green (sérénité)(vert) aux Etats-Unis, voulez-vous que je vous aide?


I like the drawing

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