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"Hledáme ženy od dvaceti do třiceti let."

Translation:We are looking for women from twenty to thirty.

February 25, 2018



"We are looking for women from twenty to thirty YEARS". should also be accepted!


I am not sure. We currently require "years old" or "years of age" or "aged ... years". What is the opinion of native English speakers?


Probably “years old” would be the most common usage in English.


Saying only 'years' may not be as common as the others but it is totally acceptable, understandable, and used. I can't vouch that it's grammatical but certainly colloquial.


As a native, I would say "We are looking for women from twenty to thirty years of age."


As a native British English speaker, I absolutely agree that "We are looking for women from twenty to thirty years" is valid, even if "years of age" would be slightly better. It's kind of frustrating to be marked incorrect for a literal translation that makes sense in English, especially because in other contexts we get marked incorrect for not translating something literally enough.


I would be inclined to say "between twenty and thirty" or "from twenty to thirty years old."


The default "from twenty to thirty" is fine, and both "from twenty to thirty years old" and "from twenty to thirty years of age" are acceptable alternatives. I would also expect to hear "between twenty and thirty," but that is perhaps not a good translation of the original.


What you suggest is correct. years old or years of age.


The pronunciation of "třiceti" is bad on the regular fast setting--there is a strange hesitation before the "ř".


There is a small schwa there, but I don't think it is as bad as to disable the audio here.


Why does this question not accept the arabic 20 and 30 as all other questions in this exercise do ?


"We are looking for women from 20 to 30" is accepted. However, we have a report that came in at the time of your comment for "We are looking for women BETWEEN 20 AND 30." That may or may not be yours, but it would have been rejected because it is not a translation of the Czech original.

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