"Scrivo quanti chilogrammi di zucchero abbiamo."

Translation:I write how many kilograms of sugar we have.

March 20, 2013

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I omitted the "down" and was penalized. That seems a little harsh. Frankly, I don't see the difference.


How come 'how much' isn't accepted here?


You use "how much" for uncountable nouns such as water, time, etc. You are counting the kilograms which is a countable noun, so you use how many. How much milk is left? How many ounces of milk are left?


Still not all (probably even most) people taking this course are not native English speakers. It's debatable whether they should be punished for an English mistake... on one hand it is nice to improve another language as you go, on the other hand the purpose is learning Italian not another language.


In English "I write the number of kilos of sugar we have" means precisely the same as the correct answers, but is marked wrong. Once again, we should be learning the meanings, not the literal word-for-word translation.


I got dinged for spelling it kilogrami. But on the hover other times it said you could spell it either way. Is it only correct spelled with a ch?


I am not a native italian speaker but i have understood from previous sentences that the from "kilogrammi" is used mainly for sentences with a scientfic nature, otherwise you would always prefer "chilogrammi"

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