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German Possessive Pronouns—when to use -e ending (dein vs deine, mein vs meine, etc.)

I’ve noticed that Duolingo practice doesn’t accept possessive pronouns ending in -e in some instances. Is this because of the gender/number of the noun? In what situations would the -e ending on possessive pronouns be needed?

February 25, 2018


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basically where you would say "ein" you use "mein" and where you would say "eine" you use "meine".

ein Vater ... mein Vater

eine Mutter ... meine Mutter

ein Kind ... mein Kind

same goes for dein/deine, ihr/ihre, sein, unser,....

This should be a good way to get into pronouns.


Instead of a tedious explaination, I prefer to refer you to a good site, for exemple this one: https://deutsch.lingolia.com/en/grammar/pronouns/possessive-pronouns Declensions, dear: once you have understood them, you're half way to fluency ;D


(chuckle) some days I think I'm only about 10% of the way to fluency ... some days I get the declensions right, other days I'm not so good!

Nice link though, danke!

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exp - Same here!


My pleasure, exp271828 and slamRN :) Without tables, I wouldn't be anything. I really like this site anyway (I use other ones as well, but they're only based on my native French, where you can use Lingolia from and for a variety of languages.

Never give up! You'll get there! The more you use the language, the more you love it, the more you love it, the easier it gets!


The short answer is: yes, it's because of the gender, and also depends on whether it's singular or plural. In the most basic, nominative case, masculine and neuter nouns use pronouns like "mein", "dein", and so on: "Er ist mein Vater", "Das ist mein Auto". Feminine and plural nouns use the -e ending: "Sie ist meine Mutter", "Das sind meine Bücher". If you're just learning German at the A1 level, you should probably leave it at that to keep it simple. Eventually, though, you will need to learn about how the different cases work and change these endings. For that, you can use a table like the one Vabelie posted.

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