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there is a way to gain more xp fastly in duolingo?

Hola chicos, there is a way to gain more xp in duolingo..In order to go up to next level i have to achive 1500xp and it need a lot of time

February 25, 2018



1500xp are 150 lessons

One way is leave somedays and learn other language when you return your gold lessons are lose, so repeat all the tree again

but... somethings in the life need time! for example... grow a plant, find the perfect shoes, do exercises for great six-pack... enjoy when you learn


Thanks for your comments...:))))))...I will follow your suggestion


Remember... the life is only one


Levels do not dictate what you learn. You have to progress in lessons. Levels are just a way of tracking how much you've done.


There is a reason it takes a lot of time. That is because with many repetitions you'll learn better. So, rather than do it quickly just to get to another level...what good does that do you...do it at a normal pace and learn the languages.


My fastest way is to "buy" the timed practice option in the "store" and then do timed practices on some of the easier skills. This may have to be done on the web version (not through app) and is easier using a keyboard. I would be interested to know why you need to get to the next level.


Hola Dave...i would like to go more fastly because seems that i repeat everyday the same things..i hope that into next level will be something new...anyway thank you for your comment, I usually go to listen story , i'am at middle of set 5...I just would like to know if i have to switch on different course in order to improve my knowledge

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Your level just shows you how many times you've done lessons. It has nothing to do with what exercises you're given.


just a tip. In English we say "go faster", (fastly if it is a word is not in common usage).


You don't seem to understand that Duolingo levels are meaningless. They're just based on how many points you have, not on how well you understand whatever language you're learning. If you want to get another 1,500 points to reach whatever the next "level" is, that's fine, but it doesn't mean anything.


Well Chico, the more of the exercises you complete - - the more XP you will earn. But for most people, sure and steady work will gain the points, and most importantly, you will retain the Spanish you learn. As you learn more, you will be able to complete the exercises more quickly AND CORRECTLY.

It is possible to to collect 1500XP in two weeks, I have done it, and I'm 76 years old, but I don't recommend it because you cannot retain the information. DuoLingo has algorythms that detect if you are learning or not, and will direct you back to revise if you try to skip lessons.

Take Care, Amigos para Siempre!


you can get a lot of points fast if you do the placement test in a language pair you know well, eg. from english to your native language. or reset the spanish tree and do the placement test.

the XP gained that way is of course totally meaningless, currently XP, levels, and to a great extent lingots do not have any practical value.

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