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"Here there are a lot of poor people."

Translation:Aquí hay mucha gente pobre.

February 25, 2018


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Why hasn't anyone mentioned muchas personas?

February 12, 2019


why not muchos pobres?


"Gente" is feminine not masculine so "muchas gentes pobres" is accepted as an answer although generally statements like the example are looking at people as a singular unit (a group) instead of individuals and so will typically (though not always) be "mucha" not "muchas".


In Spanish pobre just like any other adjective can be turned into a noun, so you can say muchos pobres to mean 'many poor people', you need 'people' in English, but it's not necessary in Spanish.


"Aquí hay muchos pobres" should work, if you wrote it like I did.


alezzzix, because both persona and gente are feminine, I used muchas pobres. Duo did not accept it and I notice you say muchos pobres. Does that mean any adjective turned into a noun is considered masculine, or am I missing something else in this case?


Ok People. Why is it Gente pobre = poor people, but in the case of new book = nuevo libro ?


The "correct translation" they gave was "Aqui hay mucha pobreza" - but that means "Here there is a lot of poverty." I wrote, "Aqui hay muchos pobres." - perfectly acceptable.


Aquí hay mucha gente pobre. Here there are a lot of poor people.

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