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It doesn't seem Duolingo is maintaining or updating the Japanese lesson

I've noticed that many corrections have not been addressed for months. Is anybody else noticing the same about Japanese or other lessons?

February 25, 2018



The course could be better structured. One difference between the Japanese and Spanish courses is the pace at which the speaker talks; the Japanese speaker seems to talk very quickly, especially for a first-time learner like me.

The Japanese course would benefit from the "turtle button", letting users hear the audio at slower paces, as well as the option to hear specific syllables or words by hovering over the symbols, similar to how it's done on the Spanish course.


I hope they can improve it because i hated the course when i did it my current plan is to start again in 2019 or 2020


is it possible to contact some other person or group of people working for duolingo about our concerns with the course? i'm not sure what the relationship between duolingo as a company and course maintainers as volunteers is like. does duolingo, as a company, have much oversight over course content?


What would be the point? As a company, they would need to either be ignorant as to the frustrations of people having issues with this course, (which they are not), or they simply do not see this course as a priority (hence the silence).



However, it is in beta. My hope is that the issues will be fixed for the full rollout.


Pretty much the main point of "beta" is that it's the time when sentence corrections get addressed. Have a read of this post from a contributor from when the reverse tree (English from Japanese) was in beta:


(Man, I wish Kippis was still around on Duolingo. He was very helpful and awesome for communicating with the users about what was going on. He is also an ex-contributor for this Japanese from English course. I hope he's doing well. Anyone know what happened to him?)


Unfortunately I have been using Japanese for maybe a month now and its updates and fixes have had no activity compared to Kiswahili, which was still in the beta when I was learning it but was still being maintained. I have not received e-mails acknowledging my feedback sent for Japanese when I got them for Kiswahili.


The Japanese course seems to be receiving a little attention. I sporadically get notices that some of my suggestions have been accepted. And I've noticed that the course has expanded quite a bit with the crown system. However, much of the new material has only one poorly worded English answer that will be accepted as correct. It's a bit frustrating, but it hasn't stopped me from learning.


Have you received any sentence feedback emails in 2018? I received 62 in the seven months between mid-May and mid-December last year, but I've received zero in the last four months since then.


Hmm... I don't think so. But I have noticed that a couple of suggestions have been accepted -- others probably recommended them, as well. I know they must have been busy rolling out the crown system, too.

To me, it seems like maybe they are overwhelmed. But I think they are paying attention to Japanese, and I think they are trying. But they should definitely accept your volunteer offer. Your talent should not be wasted :-).


It's because they are volunteers, not employees. I don't see it coming out of beta for a while. I think it was kind of rushed to begin with (from what i've read). I don't think i'll use it until it's out. Stick with Memrise for now.


I might be wrong, but I think half of our four contributors are actually Duolingo employees, since two of them are admins—hideki and mhagiwara.

The other two—ayakita and jkanero—are probably volunteers though. These two people are apparently even our course moderators, if the incubator page is to be believed:


I've submitted a ridiculous number of reports for this course in the 308 days I've been using it. Judging by how many of the reports I've received correction confirmation emails for, the contributors don't seem to have nearly enough time to deal with user sentence correction reports.

I wouldn't mind volunteering two hours every single day of the week for a few months, to purely go through all the sentence reports and fix the ones I'm 100% certain about. I believe all four of our contributors originate from Japan, so I think it might be good to get some native English speakers onboard.

However, I've seen several well qualified people who said they applied to be contributors and have never even received a reply. For some reason it doesn't seem like they want to have any more contributors. The contributor application form states a requirement to be bilingual. I wouldn't describe myself as being "bilingual", so I guess that counts me out from even applying. ^^;


It’s the original team who adds contributors. I get the sense Duolingo doesn’t monitor things much. Italian is also completely fallow.

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