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Où est ton endroit préféré en France?

I love to visit France someday in future. I'm dreaming to stay one place for at least one week instead of moving around as a busy tourist. With my little knowledge I'm interested in Nice right now.

Tell me where is your favorite place in France!

By the way this is the first time I was able to type French accent with my old computer! (I had to play with it to get the right combination!)(My computer is about ten years old!)

February 25, 2018



The French Alps, this is a must visit if you are intending to tour France. Trust me you won't regret doing so.


Nancy has some truly stunning architecture that you must see someday.

Google images of "La Place Stanisla" and "L'arc de Triomphe de Nancy." It is so beautiful.

And I fell in love with Bordeaux:

Image found here

I've never been to Nice, but I hear good things. Go have an adventure!


St Malo in Brittany & the Mont St Michel in Normandy.


Oh yes, those are definitely worth a visit! The countryside is very beautiful in Brittany as well. I recommend getting a car and driving around the countryside and visiting some of the small towns along the way to Mont Saint-Michel or Saint Malo.

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