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Chinese Pinyin with exercise

[deactivated user]

    Hello all,

    I've searched through the forums and I've seen someone post about this before, and I believe it's important enough to bring up once again.

    In my opinion, it would be beneficial to show the pinyin below the Chinese characters, at least after the answer has been submitted. When living in China, I saw that children's books have pinyin below the characters to help them learn to read. This makes for an easier transition into full use of only Chinese characters.

    I can understand why some may not want this fully embedded into the exercises. Perhaps then it would be useful to implement this as an option to toggle in the settings, or a reveal on request when doing an exercise. In fact, I would be more than happy to purchase this option for a mountain of lingots.

    February 25, 2018



    Hey I do get your point, however it should be optional, I tried to learn characters with pinyin before but I found myself constantly reading the pinyin instead of the characters. I personally prefer characters with sound so I can memorize the characters and there sounds.

    I find it best to have the option to adjust it to someones personal liking because everyone learns in a different way.

    have fun learning :)



    I like the idea of having something you can click on-demand to show pinyin, like hover-over hints. Just putting pinyin in the hover-over hints seems like it would be an easy way to address this without requiring the staff to do any new programming work.

    Why they didn't do this before launching the course is beyond me, IMHO, and is one reason I'm very frustrated with the Chinese course...and think it's severely sub-par relative to the established courses, not just the core courses but other newer ones like Turkish or Russian.


    In fact, they have English for the hover-over hints when Pinyin would likely be better... perhaps an option?


    pinyin is good for speaking but writing. have fun learning :)


    Yes, I think it's a good idea to improve the course.

    (I study with two Tinycards decks. I'm great to connect the Chinese characters to their English translation (and vice-versa), but the 2nd deck, which connects the ideogram to its pinyin without translation, wow!!, how hard it is, I'm always struggling.) :-)


    Good strategy with Tinycards! If you ever want to go a little further and learn to write the characters, while also reviewing definitions, pinyin, and tones extremely effectively and efficiently, I would highly recommend the app Skritter. I've been using it to complement Duolingo for several months now, and I have to say, it's simply amazing.


    I like the idea of having the option and being able to toggle. I actually don't want to see the pinyin because I think I rely on it too much.

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