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Subjunctive irregular-stem verb sentence structure help

I'm having a bit of difficulty with a single question in my French homework. Perhaps one of you might help me?

The assignment has a series of events I must instruct someone to do, or not to do with the format of "Il faut que tu " or "Il ne faut pas que tu _".

I know the literal translation of those phrases is "you must" or "you must not". The prompt I am having difficulty with has me attempting to tell someone that they must go to bed at a reasonable hour. The hint I have is as follows: " t’endormir à une heure raisonnable"

The way I have written my sentence is as follows:

"Il faut que t'endormes à une heure raisonnable"

Despite this, the program through which I am doing the work is still saying I am incorrect. Is there something I am missing here? Is my sentence structure flawed in some way? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Merci beaucoup!

February 25, 2018



The 'tu' is missing in your sentence: it should be "Il faut que tu t'endormes à une heure raisonnable"


My, what a fool I feel like. Such a glaring error. Thank you kindly. Still having trouble including parts of sentences like that where words seem to repeat. I do plenty of writing in English, and it is on instinct that I avoid doing such things. However, sentence structure in French sometimes has you saying words like "nous" or "tu" twice. Like in this sentence, another way of looking at it is "Il faut que tu tu endormes à une heure raisonnable".

Merci once again! I'll do my best to keep an eye out for stuff like this in the future.


Endormir and s'endormir are different verbs. http://www.wordreference.com/fren/endormir

The latter is reflexive. You can find more information on reflexive verbs here: https://www.cliffsnotes.com/study-guides/french/french-i/french-i-reflexive-verbs/conjugating-reflexive-verbs

So, Tu is not actually repeated twice. Although the abbreviation is required, it would be tu te and not tu tu.

"Il faut que tu te endormes à une heure raisonnable".


According to this conjugator:

the present subjunctive in the 2nd person singular of s'endormir is
que tu t'endormes. Therefore your sentence should be:

"Il faut que tu t'endormes à une heure raisonnable."

Edit: Wow, you were fast Relox - you posted while I was typing! ☺

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