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Ihr habt/ haben

can someone explain the difference? I'm really confused

February 25, 2018


  • Ihr habt mir einen Apfel gegeben. You (all) have given me an apple.
  • Ihr haben sie einen Apfel gegeben = Sie haben ihr einen Apfel gegeben. They have given her an apple.

In the 2nd example subject and object are switched, which is perfectly fine in German, because the meaning is still clear. Habt is 2nd person plural, so the subject is always "you all"="ihr", while in the 2nd sentence the verb is haben, which is 3rd person plural, so "they"="sie". That means "ihr" must be an object (her).

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Max.Em - So how would you say: You (all) gave them an apple?

Und kannst du eine kurze Erklärung geben? Danke im Voraus.


You (all) gave them an apple? = Ihr habt ihnen einen Apfel gegeben. (Perfekt) / Ihr gabt ihnen einen Apfel. (Präteritum)

By switching the Dative object with the subject it looks this way:

Ihnen habt ihr einen Apfel gegeben. / Ihnen gabt ihr einen Apfel.


you (all) gave = ihr habt gegeben / ihr gabt

them = ihnen (Dativ of the 3rd person plural "sie")

The verb "geben" requires the dative for the receiving person.

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Danke sehr Andreas.

[deactivated user]

    It's used in different ways. There are definitely users who can explain this much better. I'm more or less copying all of this from another forum, and judging it based on my understanding of German. The first two may be more of the answer you're looking for now.

    Plural form of "du". Ihr seid meine besten Studenten. You are my best students.

    third person singular female, dative case (to her) Ich gabe ihr mein Buch. I give her my book.

    possessive article for masculine and neuter things, third person singular female or plural owner, nominative case (her something) + accusative case (only for neuter things) Ihr Vater heißt Frank. Her father is called Frank.

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