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Fluency percentage not changing despite completing new stages

Since late 2017 my fluency % has stalled despite the fact that I have continued to complete new levels. In addition, last weeks XP report said I had nil XP. I have emailed Duolingo several times. Mostly I get a standard reply which does not refer to my issue. Once I had a reply saying they would look at it and try to fix it. They also suggested what I could do. I am using only the internet site on my laptop, not an app on a phone. I am stalled at 60% or 61% it fluctuates back and forth between the two.

I am now only 3 sets of exercises from the end and am wondering why this is happening and why I am not getting more options on exercises.

It is really disappointing me and very frustrating. Particularly the relative silence from Duo.

February 26, 2018



Fluency is very slow to go up once you get to 60%. The highest that I have had in French was 65%. It will go down if you don't practice enough or when you practice but still make errors. You need to know that you cannot get to 100%, because that would mean that you know every single word that there is to know in a language including very specialized language for medicine, science and law, etc. Most native speakers do not have fluency that high.

Levels and fluency are not necessarily related: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/209669946-What-are-levels- Although the higher the level, the more likely that you have improved and therefore have a higher fluency level than someone with a low level. After a while though, you will need to read books, newspapers or magazines or simply read online in your target language to improve your vocabulary further. I also recommend speaking to native speakers to increase your fluency further. https://sites.uni.edu/becker/french31.html

Also, keep tabs on your all-time xp, because the monthly and weekly amount of xp do reset every month and week. For me, I noticed that the week seems to end on Sunday afternoon, before the daily xp is done. So the daily xp is shown above and yet, the weekly was down to 0. This is not an error. Notice the end of month too. It is strange, isn't it?


Merci beaucoup. Ces liens sont bons et votre conseil tres sage. Merci pour m' aider. Klopsteins


Duolingo is not dumb, the owl is just a little hard-of-the-ear.

Persevere, the important thing is what you learn.

The percentage is a toy that does not work very well.

We do not need toys to study.



73% seems to be the highest fluency level...


You are right--it does not change much or mean much.


Could it be that some of your previously learned lessons have faded, and are no longer gold? As they fade, this is subtracted from your fluency percentage. When all balls remain gold, you should reach a fluency rating of around 70%. As for XP not updating, I would try to rule out all possibilities your end. Try another pc if you can, or another network. I had an issue with my XP not updating, and it turned out that the time was incorrectly set on my pc, AM and PM were reversed.


I have exactly the same problem, stuck at 62%/63% 62% on my lab top and 63% on my IPad. Just asked for an explanation, waiting for an answer. It is VERY VERY FRUSTRATING I agreed with you

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