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Texting bots

I am using an iPhone but a and have the duolingo app. I am learning Spanish since that is my heritage and I want to talk to my grandparents in Spanish. But I can’t seem to find or access the texting bots. My mother had the same app and has the texting bots (she’s learning French). I used to have the bots but now i don’t. If anyone can help that would be great!

February 26, 2018



Okay I think I figured it out. Duolingo must be in version 5.0.0 or higher in order to do bots. You must also compete some of the main course and it will unlock itself. You must be on iPhone as well, that is the only platform supported at this point as far as I can tell. Still having problems? Ask me I guess... lol


Thank you very much. That may be the case. I will continue on and if it still doesn’t work I will definitely ask!


I think only certain languages are supported and Spanish is not one of them. One of my friends takes French and does it but I do Spanish and I don't have them so I think that might be the case. I might try starting the French course just to prove my point. I will update you if I find anything else about this issue.


The bots used to be a part of the Spanish course, and I noticed last week it was no longer there. I'm not sure if they were taken away, or if they're being upgraded..?


Yeah. I’m not quite sure either.

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