"He has been married for three years already."

Translation:Je už ženatý tři roky.

February 26, 2018

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For this one, I was correct (with typos) with "Už tři toky je ženatý." TOKY obviously was supposed to be "roky," but the second underlined word was ŽENATÝ, which I'm pretty sure is not a typo.

Interestingly, the correct answer proposed was "už tři roky je ženat." So I have two questions...

1) Could I report this, even with the TOKY typo, if the appropriate button were there? (It's not.)

2) When might we run across "ženat" in the course?


Už tři roky je ženatý is perfectly ok.

Už tři roky je ženat. is the exactly same situation as described here https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25796607 We'll look into it further.


i reordered ženat[/ý] into ženat[/ý]. keep your eyes peeled. next i will reorganize my office furniture, in case its configuration has been messing with duolingo's grading code.

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