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  5. I can’t pronounce French !


I can’t pronounce French !

I understand when I read the sentence, but I can’t understand when I listen to it, and I can’t pronounce it well. Somebody help me

February 26, 2018



It takes practice - I find it very hard to understand French speaking unless I have been in France for a while, but I can speak enough to communicate most things.

Listen to some French every day, maybe put the radio on in the morning - it will help you get used to the sound of the language, and gradually if you keep practicing on Duolingo or other methods, you will get the hang of it in no time! :)


French audio books or even French music are a good idea too :)

Well, maybe music isn't as good, but I listen to Spanish music and it definitely helps with my Spanish!


Thanks! I will try to listen to a lot of French :)


Thank you so much !! I will keep on practicing until I get it :) Thanks for your advice!

[deactivated user]

    Hello, it seems that many people have given their advice on here. I hope it becomes easier in time. Let me just tell you that pronunciation will get easier and easier, and will feel more and more natural when you continue to practice listening, reading aloud, speaking, and even writing.

    I highly recommend the action of thinking in French, it has definitely helped me.


    Thanks !!!!! I think that will work:) I appreciate your help!


    If you are advanced enough to understand it, I highly recommend the "7 règles pour améliorer votre français". It's a native French speaker telling you, in French, how best to learn French, complete with French transcripts. francaisauthentique.com/regle1/


    Thank you ! I will look at it :)


    Thanks!! I hope I can do better now ... I will try hard!


    I have the same problem.

    Some ideas: watch French pronunciation guides on youtube. (For example for the nasal sounds)

    Listen to french music, so your ears get used to it.

    If you have the time and money for it, go to a French teacher.


    Thank you !! I’m hoping to find a French teacher!


    Go on Google Translate and listen to the individual words via the Text To Speech function


    Ok! I’ll try it. I hope the translation is good! Thanks anyway.


    Try listening to a another fluent french speaker maybe they can help or if you’re very interested a French teacher is a good choice.


    Thanks:) I have a friend that can speak French, so I guess I will talk to her!


    Sometimes I CANT EITHER! Because french is SO different, our brain JUST WANTS TO SPEAK ENGLISH! My suggestion is to carefully observe and listen to the person say the sentence before asking the question. Slowly it will stick in your head! After a while of doing that, try not to ever look at the sentence. Attempt to listen and then answer, and if needed take a glance at the words. Good luck!


    Ok. Thanks ! I guess I need to try out a lot of things :) Good luck to you too :P


    well you know what i use in my school for translate is word referense but dont use google translate my french teacher says it does not say the correct meanings sometimes


    Ok. I will ask my friend that can speak French!


    Word reference is good, and you can hear the words there too!


    GREAT! I’ll check it out:)

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