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"Do you really want to study now?"

Translation:¿De verdad quieres estudiar ahora?

6 months ago



too often the 'correct' answer given when I get a sentence wrong is NOT the answer given here. this time it has "¿ de veras deseas estudiar ahora?" whereas here the correct reply given here is "¿De verdad quieres estudiar ahora?" This makes it very hard for a beginning student like myself. Sometimes as with this one, I come to discussion just to see what the correct answer really is.

6 months ago

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There are often many "correct" ways to say something in another language, and I think that sometime DL tries to give you a correct answer that is as similar to the response that you gave as possible.

2 months ago


previously i believe duolingo has used quieres mucho for really want but it is not accepted here. I haven't reported as I may be incorrect.like Heyjude71 I go to discussion to try & find enlightenment.

4 months ago


Yes that is what I thought too. I guess they are trying to get us to us "de verdad".

1 week ago


This is what I'm told is correct.

"¿De Veras quiere ud. estudiar ahora?"

I give up!

1 month ago