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"I want to sleep in this room."

Translation:Chci spát v tomto pokoji.

February 26, 2018



I was wondering why it isn't "Chci spát v tomten pokoji"? Since pokoj is maskulinum inanimatum.


I guess I'm mixing up a lot of things and 'tomten' doesn't even exist :) tak.... that: ten, to, ta . This: tento, tato, toto. Lokativ.: tomto (this), tamto (that). Am I correct?


In this case it is the position and the "v" preposition so we use locative.

The archaic usage of "v" for direction ("into") would require accusative.

The declension table is here https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tento#Declension


why not: chci v tomto pokoji spát


I will add it. It strongly stresses SPÁT. I want to SLEEP in this room. And not just dine here or watch TV.

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