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"Let's not look at him any more."

Translation:Už se na něho nedívejme.

February 26, 2018



What about "Už se nedívejme na něho". It was marked incorrect but i don't know why. Does the "na" in "dívat se na" always wants to be after "se" if possible?


The main new point of the sentence comes last. If you are making the point that we should NOT look at him, you put the verb last. If the not looking is already within the discussed context, but you are making the point that it is HIM we should not look at, you would use your order. Sometimes this is possible to say with the same English sentence in a particular stress, often you rather have to you use the indirect sentence (It is .., whom...) in English.


Thanks for explanation!


Same question for me. My theory is that I should try to put the verb last?


"Nedívejme se už na ho"?


Not correct. It must be "na něho". "Ho" is a clitic and with the preposition "na" you basically cannot use it as a clitic in an unstressed position. Without a preposition "ho" is possible in sentences like "Dej ho sem.".

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