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"Colțurile sunt rotunde, nu pătrate!"

Translation:The corners are round, not square!

February 26, 2018



I don't find this sentence to be very helpful!


Think Apple suing Samsung over rounded corners :-)


Whoever wrote this sentence had too much țuică.


The logical part of my brain doesn't like this sentence!


In a bathroom you may choose a sink / basin with rounded corners so if someone slips they have less injury, similarly with choice of tables with small children .. useful sentence


In Craiova there is a place called La Rotunda... it's a building that used to be a market, and the shape of the building is round. Today it's a bank, but that's beside the point. It's the only building in town that's round, so you can tell the Taxi driver "La Rotunda" and they know to drop you at the corner near that building, or maybe at the taxi stand across the street.

There are no corners on La Rotunda.

For a street corner to be round -- sometimes there is a slight roundedness to the sidewalk at a street corner. Maybe that's what they mean?

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