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Extend the streak freeze from one day to several days

Some of us take pride in keeping the daily study streak (I do!). I do appreciate the existing option to do the streak freeze for 1 day. However, when we have an emergency, such as a vacation without internet or cell phone connectivity or we just have a personal or family emergency such as illness or something, I think that Duolingo should offer us a very pricey but available way of keeping our streak intact during those unexpected circumstances. I used the very pricey statement so that people would use that recourse really sparingly when there is no other option. Suggestion: 10 lingots for 1 day, 30 for 2 days, 50 for 3 days, 70 for 4 days, 90 for 5 days, etc. The student would equip this option, say, with 90 lingots and be protected for up to 5 days of no availability to study. This option would keep the spirit of emphasizing the daily study, while still offering an option for those who have emergencies and are willing to pay a high price for their unavailability. Thanks for considering this suggestion!

February 26, 2018



I wish they'd do this. We don't all own a smart phone, and I dread to think how much they'd charge to repair my (currently 1,514 day) streak! I think I'd just start over! Maybe make it like holidays, where you get a yearly allocation of streak freezes that you can pre-book when you know you won't have internet access due to a holiday or house move.


This has been suggested at least a zillion times and Duolingo has not done it.

[deactivated user]

    You should move this to the Troubleshooting forum.


    Never mind, I found it and already opened it there, let's hope it gets some attention... :-). Thanks!


    Wait, really? on PC? WHERE IS IT?!?!


    On mobile you can get a two-day "weekend amulet" for 20 lingots, only on Fridays.
    Also, if you break a streak, you can pay (real money) to repair your streak with an in-app purchase.
    When I lost my 108 day streak, it would have cost $13.99 to repair it... I didn't. I would have been $3.99 to repair another 16 day streak I had going.


    How do I do that? I was not able to find this forum...


    I believe they should get rid of streak freeze because skipping a day is not maintaining a streak.


    While you're right, there's a little more to a streak than a statistic. It's a point of pride, it's a personal motivator, and it can be very devastating for some to lose it, especially if it's out of their control, not laziness or forgetfulness. Also, even using a streak freeze, you still keep up the days on either side. Streak freezes prevent people from thinking, "Oh no, I lost my streak. Eh, I might as well skip a few more days." then realizing that so many things are weak.

    While streak freezes aren't in the right spirit, they're a good way to keep people engaged, which is Duo's goal, after all!

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