"His lighter is new and expensive."

Translation:Bricheta lui este nouă și scumpă.

February 26, 2018

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What's wrong with „bricheta sa”?


I guess it was rejected because it's not "accurate" even though it's not "wrong".

Bricheta lui = His lighter
Bricheta ei = Her lighter
Bricheta sa = Her or his lighter

If you translate "his lighter" to "bricheta sa" you lose the gender information in the process.


I write also "bricheta sa este nouă și scumpă"
You say I Ioose information in my translation and when DUO translates from Romanian to English :
ele sunt frumoase with They are beautiful
All is OK!!!???


Why not bricheta sa?


I hope you can see the answer of manatopthehill above, using "sa" you lose the gender.


Both answers ARE correct, indeed.


Bricheta sa este nouă și scumpă. is an correct answer and should be accepted as secondary answer, indeed. The shown answer (Bricheta lui este nouă și scumpă.) is still the better one. If it is not accepted you should use the reporting flag to present it to the contributors, who can accept it.


text is correct, but the the audio sounds like brichetă (uh) when it should sound like bricheta https://forvo.com/word/bricheta/#ro

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