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In Spanish, can you omit repeated verbs like you can in English?

I want to reproduce the following in a Spanish sentence, but I don't know how:

-"How does she even tolerate you guys?" -"She doesn't."

I'm struggling with how to express the "She doesn't" in this context. I could simply add the omitted parts and translate "She doesn't tolerate us" instead, but I want to see if there is any way to express the original sentence. I thought of "No lo hace" and "Ella no sí" but I don't know if either of those are right.

Is there any way to translate that sentence? Or am I forced to use "No nos tolera"?

February 26, 2018



"No lo hace" is correct, but "Ella no sí" has no sense at all. Just remember to always put the direct object "lo" in the sentence, whether it's a positive ("Lo hace") or negative ("No lo hace").


I my native language (Danish) translation to English that requires using verbs of "to do"[1] is called "rewriting with to do".

When you translate from English to Spanish you will also need to "rewriting with to do" in the opposite direction of translating to English, meaning that any trace of verbs of "to do" doesn't exists in the translated to language [2].

I remember that it took a very long time to learn to "rewriting with to do", and I guess it take a long time for you to remove verbs of "to do", when translating to Spanish.

[1] Verbs conjugation of do: http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-english-verb-do.html

[2] quote: "to do" doesn't exists in the translated to language

In Danish sentences that are translated from English: Any verbs of "to do" vanishes, and to me it look like that exactly the same thing is happening, when a sentence had been translated from English to Spanish.


you could simple say "no puede"


There is no equivalent in Spanish for the particle "do" or "does". Notice that you don't use it in the question either. "¿Cómo nos tolera?" - "No nos tolera". You could also answer "No lo hace" or "De ninguna manera"


¿Cómo ella incluso los tolera?, o no. Tu puedes omitirlo.

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