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I need help

I see high day streak numbers and i have a hard time getting there but want to? Any suggestions

February 26, 2018



Honestly the streak doesn’t even matter it’s just a motivation to help learn


so then why does duo have day streaks?


The ideal of Foreign Language learning is to work on it every day. Duolingo keeps the streaks to remind you you're committed to do it and to show how you haven't missed a day since you decided on it.


To keep you motivated. You could also do streak freeze. However you can only buy it one at a time. And it can only freeze your streak for one day


same but I would suggest just focusing on one subject so you dont get mixed up


to be honest, put your coach daily goal on the lowest which i think is like 5-10 mins. Obviously you will spend more time but putting it on the lowest ensures you always get streaks cuz you only need to be on and do a lesson for a bit to get your streak

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