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How to conjugate regular -IR and -ER verbs in the present tense in French

Hi everyone. I know that in the French tree, Duolingo likes to teach you the single conjugations for verbs for specific subject pronouns before the actual infinitive. Here is an unofficial guide for conjugating regular -er and -ir verbs in French in the present tense:

When conjugating both REGULAR -ER and -IR verbs (verbs that end in -er or -ir), here's how you start:

  1. Find the infinitive of the verb (When verb is in the form of "to ____"
  2. Drop the -ER/-IR (This leaves you with the root of the word)
  3. Find what subject pronoun you want to conjugate for (Je, tu, il/elle/on, nous, vous, ils/elles)
  4. Add the correct ending to the root of the verb

For -ER verbs:

Je (root)e Nous (root)ons Tu (root)es Vous (root)ez Il/Elle/On (root)e Ils/Elles (root)ent (the ent is silent like a silent e)

If an -ER verb ends in -GER, when conjugating for "Nous," add "eons" to the root.

For -IR verbs:

Je (root)is Nous (root)issons Tu (root)is Vous (root)issez Il/Elle/On (root)it Ils/Elles (root)issent (ent is still silent)


To say "We like __"

  1. The infinitive of "to like" is "aimer"
  2. The root is "aim"
  3. The conjugation is for "nous" (we)
  4. Add -ons to the end of the root; "aimons." "Nous aimons __"

To say "He chooses __"

  1. The infinitive of "to chooses" is "choisir"
  2. The root is "chois"
  3. The conjugation is for "il" (he)
  4. Add -it to the end of the root; "choisit." "Il choisit __"

It is very important to learn all the infinitives of verbs and how to conjugate them.

Here are a list of regular infinitive verbs:

accepter – to accept adorer – to adore aimer – to like annuler – to cancel apporter – to bring attraper – to catch bavarder – to chat casser – to break chanter – to sing chercher – to look for commander – to order commencer – to begin couper – to cut danser – to dance demander – to ask dessiner – to draw détester – to hate, to detest donner – to give écouter – to listen to emprunter – to borrow enlever – to remove étudier – to study exprimer – to express fermer – to close gagner – to win, to earn garder – to keep goûter – to taste habiter – to live jouer – to play laver – to wash montrer – to show oublier – to forget parler – to speak, to talk penser – to think porter – to wear, to carry présenter – to introduce prêter – to lend refuser – to refuse regarder – to watch rencontrer – to meet by chance rester – to stay, to remain rêver – to dream saluer – to greet sauter – to jump sembler – to seem skier – to ski téléphoner – to telephone tomber – to fall travailler – to work trouver – to find utiliser – to use visiter – to visit a place voler – to fly

abolir – to abolish acceuillir – to welcome accomplir – to accomplish affaiblir – to weaken agir – to act avertir – to warn bâtir – to build bénir – to bless choisir – to choose embellir – to make beautiful envahir – to invade établir – to establish étourdir – to stun finir – to finish franchir – to clear an obstacle grandir – to grow up grossir – to gain weight guérir – to cure investir – to invest maigrir – to lose weight nourrir – to feed obéir – to obey punir – to punish ralentir – to slow down réfléchir – to reflect remplir – to fill réunir – to reunite réussir – to succeed rougir – to blush saisir – to seize vieillir – to grow old

February 26, 2018



So, what about the -re verbs?

https://www.thoughtco.com/french-present-tense-1368922 https://www.thoughtco.com/french-regular-re-verbs-1368938

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4614759 French Grammar Glossary, Helpful links and tips and notes https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4146584 Grammar Notes for French Too many comments - it often hangs up. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4013405 Overview of French grammar explanations by Remy (admin)

Ah here is the one that I was looking for: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/190591 French conjugations "present of indicative" by Remy - but it seems a bit complicated, yours is very step by step and lists so many verbs that it can also be very useful.

Here is a resource that I really like, because if you don't know the verb infinitive that most conjugators require, it can find your verb from a conjugated form. http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french.html

Example: someone sees the verb conjugated as "vais" and maybe doesn't know that the infinitive is "aller": http://conjugator.reverso.net/conjugation-french-verb-vais.html


ALLintolearning3 said:

Here is a resource that I really like, because if you don't know the verb infinitive that most conjugators require, it can find your verb from a conjugated form.

Another conjugator into which you can enter the conjugated form is

I love this conjugator. Here is it's result using your example "vais":


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