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French and Italian Skill Trees

I'm a little less than 2/3 done with the French Skill Tree and supposedly I'm at 63% fluency in French.

I've just finished the Italian Skill Tree but my Italian fluency says only 62% . Are there more lessons somewhere or is there a problem with the system? This doesn't make sense

February 26, 2018



There is a different amount of vocabulary in each skill tree. The French tree is one of the bigger ones. I have had 65% in French before, but have not gotten past 57% in Spanish although I have done both trees. Oh and this is not my original account, so don't judge by the amount I have now. (I am allintolearning). Also, you can be better at one language than another. Any errors you make do count against your percentage. Duolingo will not get you to 100% which would mean that you know every word that exists in a language, including special words for law, medicine, science, etc. No native speaker, or at least very few, would know that much either. Usually someone knows the special words for their own specialty. Here are some more resources to further immerse yourself in your language: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Italian


So, read, watch videos and movies and listen to music in your new language and talk to native speakers.



I've completed French, and I'm at 66%. From what I've seen, it's impossible in any language to get into the 70% range - and it makes sense, that's Duolingo telling you that it can't teach you much more, if you want to reach 100%, you'll have to move on to more advanced resources!


Is EVERY skill on the Italian skill tree at full strength?


I would recommend hitting "strengthen"


The fluency levels often don't make sense. I'm at 42% fluency in Italian despite having only just started and never get above 65% in French, which I've been doing for months and have finished the tree for. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

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