"Bărbatul are o oaie, o capră și un iepure."

Translation:The man has a sheep, a goat, and a rabbit.

February 27, 2018



the audio is weird when she says oaie

June 28, 2019


how do you know when to use o vs un when they both translate to one?

February 27, 2018

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"un" is the indefinite article for the singular form of masculine and neuter nouns.

"o" is the indefinite article for the singular form of feminine nouns.

un = a/an, o = a/an

Also, "un" and "o" can be used as numerals (one). Article or numeral - it depends on the context.

  • MASCULINE SG - PL: UN băiat - DOI băieți --- a/one boy - two boys

  • FEMININE SG - PL: O fată - DOUĂ fete --- a/one girl - two girls

  • NEUTER SG - PL: UN ou - DOUĂ ouă --- an/one egg - two eggs

February 28, 2018


what is wrong with "hare"? (shorter to write :P)

June 26, 2018


there are two mistakes -audio, correct is "un " ied and not 'o' ied ' -in Romanian, ied means "goatlind" not "sheep"

April 5, 2019


it was supposed to be oaie, only it's rubbish xD

May 19, 2019
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