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  5. "Eu sunt numărul opt."

"Eu sunt numărul opt."

Translation:I am the number eight.

February 27, 2018



E. G. In a sports team where you're wearing numbers to show what position you're playing, or in a shop where you get a ticket telling you your number in the queue.


when would anyone encounter this sentence? i thought it would mean i'm 8 years old, but i guess it refers to physically being an eight


What the sentence suggested to me was a counter or office where one is assigned a number in the queue and wait for it to be called to get the service you want. In English, though, I would not include the definite article, but say "I am number eight."


Perhaps you and your friends went to the Halloween party as integers below ten, and someone has asked what you are?


It reminded me of "The Prisoner."

"You are number 6. I am number 2."


I would say "I am number eight"

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