"Braucht ihr ihn?"

Translation:Do you need him?

February 27, 2018

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since English has no plural "you" form anymore, I usually translate "ihr" as "you all" and it has been graded as correct but this particular sentence did not want to take "you all" which confused me with so many possible translations of "ihr" they, her, plural you)


Same here, it hasn't been corrected since you posted this comment 8 months ago.


Do y'all need him is incorrect. Someone please explain :) Thanks.


Y'all is improper English (atleast I think so, I'm not native so idk) and Duo is supposed to teach correct language, it is not supposed to be correct


Does she need him is wrong ?


In this sentence the subject is ihr, which means you plural (or "you all"). 'Does she need him?' would be 'Braucht sie ihn?', as Chadio1 has suggested.

I think what you're mixing up is the other meaning of 'ihr' as a possessive pronoun which means 'her', and that would result in a sentence that looks like this: 'Does her (---) need him'.

If it were really 'ihr' meaning 'her', that would have required a noun and would have left you with no subject to the sentence.

Hope this helps


Would that not be "Braucht sie ihn"?


I heard "Braucht er ihn?" as "Does he need him". Is this sentence still grammatically correct


Is "Do you need it?" incorrect?


    Not in the right context. German users gendered pronouns for inanimate objects, so if you were holding a screwdriver for example (der Schraubenzieher) and waved it at your colleague and asked this question, it would be a totally appropriate translation.

    That said, Duolingo's out-of-context sentence translations usually want you to keep the gendered pronouns intact in English.


    For accusative pronoun "ihn" is "him" and "es" is "it".

    So "Do you need it" means "Braucht ihr es?".

    Hence this sentence can't be used here.


    Bracht ihr es? Or Brachst du es?


    Why is „Do you all need him“ incorrect?


    "you" in English (British English at least) is both singular and plural. It is best to stick with this meaning of "you" rather than "you all".

    So it's best to translate "ihr" as "you" but know that it is plural you.


    Problem with the audio: sounds too much like "braucht er ihn?" on faster play speed. Is there anything that can be done about the state of the audio on this course? Too many times now I've found audios where the audio is so unintelligible that it sounds like something completely different. Mostly seems to be when the audio is a synthetic voice.


    Pretty sure it's "Need you, him?" or "Are needing you him?" or "Are needing you all, him?" I understand it sounds silly but that's the literal translations xD


    Why is "You need him?" wrong? Please


    I believe because the proper form in English for this type of questions is "Do you need him?".

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