"Are they your fruits?"

Translation:Ce sont vos fruits ?

February 27, 2018

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Why is "Sont-ils vos fruits" wrong? Is it too literal a translation? 27/2/18


Remember the rule for c'est vs il / elles est ?
A reminder of the rule is here:
That applies to ce sont vs ils / elles sont as well.
As the être conjugate - sont - is followed by a modifier - tes (or vos) - it requires "ce".
However, on the point of word order, I have never seen "Ce sont" written as an inversion.


"sont-ce" is absolutely correct, just not used anymore, therefore, like many translations on this website, it should be accepted.


Not accepted as of today. I have "sont-ce vos bijoux, madame" playing in my head, obsolete or not ))))


<< Sont-ce vos fruits ? > still not accepted. :-(


It is a question sentence then it must be 'sont ce vos fruits'


Thanks Ripcurlgirl :]


I'm guessing inversion (sont-ce tes fruits) doesn't work with ce/ca/c', hé?


Didn't work for me, so I'm here in the comments


That is the only reason we view the comments :P


I tried "Est-ce que ce sont tes fruits?" and that worked. What does the "Est-ce que" part mean if the answer could be simply "Ce sont tes fruits?"?


"Ce sont tes fruits ? " utilises intonation to turn a statement - ce sont tes fruits - into a question. Est-ce que can also be added in front of a statement to turn it into a question.


Sont-ce vos fruits n'est pas accepté mais comme cela a déja été dit par jdgamble 555, c'est absolument correct ( C'est même la formulation que j'ai apprise à l'école comme étant la meilleure , je suis français ) Cela dit en effet ce n'est plus beaucoup utilisé , en tous cas dans le langage parlé , mais cela devrait être accepté .


I wrote sont ce vos fruits and it came out wrong The correct statement was Ce sont vos fruits....how is that correct ? Would it not translate as THEY ARE YOUR FRUITS instead of .....ARE THEY YOUR FRUITS ?


"Ce sont vos fruits" does mean "they are your fruits", but if you say it like a question (by your intonation i.e. rising pitch at the end) it can mean "are they your fruits?". "Ce sont" isn't generally inverted, so the only other way of phrasing it as a question is "Est-ce que ce sont vos fruits?".


And what is the difference between Votre, vos and ta/ton, tes ?


It depends on the subject and the object that is in possession. For example if you know the difference between Vous and Tu, it is quite like that.

Remember: Vous= you (all) Tu= you (singular)

Votre chien = Your dog (multiple people own the dog)

Ton chien = Your dog (but you are only speaking to the person who solely owns the dog)

Votre vs. Vos depends on the number of things that is in possession. For example:

Votre chien = Your dog (Multiple people own ONE dog)

Vos chiens = Your dogs (Multiple people own MULTIPLE dogs)

Now, the difference between ton, ta, and tes is similar but ton and ta correspond with either a feminine or masculin object. For example:

Ton chien = Your dog (One person owns one dog. Also note that chien is a masculin noun, so ton is used)

Ta tortue = Your turtle (One person owns one turtle. Also note that tortue is a feminine noun, so ta is used)

Tes chiens/tortues = Your dogs/turtles (One person owns multiple dogs/turtles. Also note that tes is used regardless of gender as long as it is plural)


what is wrong with: les fruits sont-ils a vous


I have never understood when to use any of these tes, ton, ses, son etc.


And even the comments are exploring the "YOU" (what YOU? There wasn't even one in the question) and no one is mentioning the runaway 'their LOP


Are they your fruits ? I put 'Ce sont votre fruits' correction was 'tes' instead of votre Sorry. I'm lost. Why 'tes'


Are they your fruits. Ce sont tes fruits

Really don't get this reply. Question is 'Are they your fruits' Not 'Do you HAVE fruit?' So feels wrong to use 'sont' can someone please explain?


i tried "est-ce qu'ils vos fruits" and was marked incorrect... pourquoi?


Can't you say "Ce sont ton fruits"


No, you may not say that because "fruits" is plural, and "ton" is singular. "Tes" is the correct plural modifier.


I chose "Ce sont votre fruits. " Incorrect " Ce sont tes fruits" Please explain. Votre = your Tes = your So why can it not be votre ?


I think it should be "Ce sont VOS fruits " Pam, because "fruits" is plural.


Any difference between 'tes' and 'vos'?


Yes. "Tes, ta, ton" refer to "toi (tu, and all its forms)", when you talk to someone (in the singular) with whom you are on a first-name basis. Otherwise (plural OR official singular) it's "vous (and all its forms". Similar to "du" versus "ihr/Sie" in German, where "du" is "toi/tu etc" and both ihr and Sie will be "vous".


Just to clarify again...are these sentences correct? Ton chapeau = Tes chapeau (informal) Ta chemise = Tes chemise (informal) Votre chapeau, votre chemise (formal) Vos chapeaux, vos chemises (formal)

Many thanks!


No, no. Look: Ton (referring to "toi" = "you" singular informal) chapeau (one hat), ta chemise (one shirt). BUT: Tes chapeaux (many hats referring to "toi"), tes chemises (many shirts referring to "toi"). Votre (referring to "vous" = "you" plural OR singular formal) chapeau (one hat), vos chapeaux (many hats). Votre chemise (one) - vos chemises (many).

I know from the point of view of English it's insane. The only consolation is that there are languages where it is much worse (Russsian, Polish... even German, because you always have to think of gender and case)))


Thanks so much for guiding me on this. Insane = good ;)


You are very welcome!


How do we suppose to know "tes fruits" or "votre fruits"? Or just by trial n' error?


It can never be "votre fruits", because "fruits" is in the plural. It's either tes fruits or vos fruits


What is wrong with: « Sont-ils vos fruits? » This should be accepted in my opinion.


My wife is from France and a teacher. And she told me that is a software error. They expect you to answer what they have already pre established on their database


It says 'your' can be translated to either 'tes' or 'vos', would either of these work in this context?


I put "Ce sont votre fruits" and it was considered wrong. Can someone explain why?


Bonjour Dhxnil,

I believe it should be "vos" not "votre" because "fruits" is plural......but double check that as I'm still just learning french!


Ce sont tes fruits, non? was marked wrong. I thought it was mentioned somewhere that by adding the "no" to an end of a statement, it could be turned into a question. Very frustrating.


Sont ils vos fruits is CORRECT,and sont ce vos fruits too

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