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"We assume that they have children."

Translation:Wir nehmen an, dass sie Kinder haben.

February 27, 2018



So annehmen is to assume?


Yes, "to assume" is "annehmen", "vermuten", "unterstellen", "voraussetzen".


and davon ausgehen


I would say more like in English "We take it that they have kids?" So take it, or take on, like we take it upon ourselves to think. or Ass u me. or literally We take (it) (up)on (ourselves) that they have children. :-) Definitely an idiom in English.


What is the difference between 'nehmen an' and 'annehmen'? Duolingo's translation, combined with the comments, makes me think they can be used interchangeably.


They are the same verb. The verb gets splitted into two pieces in certain situations. The verb stays one word in sentences with an auxiliary verb.

  • Ich kann annehmen, ... (=I can assume) Ich will annehmen, ... (I want to assume)

  • But: Ich nehme an, .... (I assume) Ich nahm an, ... (I assumed)

  • Ich habe angenommen,... (I have assumed)


I'm not sure, but I think I will take it upon myself to assume. :-)

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