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Kanji learning tool?

I'd like tips on what kanji learning tools there are that are good to use together with doing the Japanese tree where I feel the kanji are not given a lot of attention (no mention of radicals, nothing about how to write them, nothing about different readings, pronunciation may for wrong reading, etc).

I'd like something that tells me more information about each kanji than just exactly the reading the current exercise needs. I'd like to write as well as read.

I'm primarily interested in online tools rather than apps.

February 27, 2018




The Yamasa Institute online dictionary
There is also Nihongo-pro kanji database that teaches kanji by JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level, from N5 (lowest) to N1 (highest). Click on the kanji to get the reading and meaning, and a link for more details including a list of example words.


  • I recently downloaded Imiwa?, and it offers good options to learn kanji (by Chinese radical, multi-radical, free word search, etc.).

  • The app I referred to in this comment is also good, but it's in Japanese and I don't know if it is available outside of the Japanese App Store/Google Play (but those can be changed temporarily to download the app).


Any program with flashcards is good. Start from JLPT n5.

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