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Français preseason 2018 - round 3

NU MERGE Third round of the preseason has ended too and we have a new winner: JoLynne Dougherty with 393XP Bon travail! The second place goes to Ioan Cîrstea with 330XP and third place to the en-titre champion, Barbara from Amsterdam with 300XP. Meilleur chance la semaine prochaine pour tous!

The leaderboard:
1. Merve - won first round (804XP)
2. Barbara from Amsterdam - won second round (512XP)
3. JoLynne Dougherty - won third round (393XP)
Note: In the bracket is the best score.

The prizes for the next week are:
1. First place: 20 lingots
2. Second place: 5 lingots
3. Third place: 2 lingots

À semaine prochaine!

February 27, 2018



Thank you for the new vocabulary word en-titre. Is that a word that is used in English, too, like carte blanche? I have never heard it used before.


I sent you 20 gems. I watch a lot of football games and I have heard a lot the term "en-titre". It seems it doesn't exist in English vocabulary, so you should not be surprised by hearing it for the first time. Probably it is used just in sport.


Thank you for the Lingots and the explanation.

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