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Unterschied zwichen Obwohl und trotzdem ?

Koentten Sie mir bitte sagen mit Biespeilen die Untershied zwichen Obwohl und trotzdem ?

February 27, 2018



Obwohl can be translated as 'although' or 'even though'. Trotzdem can be translated as 'nevertheless'.

This is a concept that's called 'konzessive Satzverbindung' in German. This allows you to connect two sentences where one sentence is the unexpected result or consequence of the other sentence.

Sentences with obwohl consist of a Hauptsatz/independent clause that says something about a consequence (e.g. Peter didn't come to your party) and a Nebensatz/dependent clause that says something about the action/situation (e.g. You invited Peter to your party).

English: "Peter didn't come to my party, even though I invited him."

German: "Peter ist nicht zu meiner Party gekommen, obwohl ich ihn eingeladen habe."

In sentences with trotzdem those sentences are swaped: the independent clause is about the action/situation and the dependent clause is about the consequence.

English: "I invited Peter to my party, but he didn't come."

German: "Ich habe Peter zu meiner Party eingeladen, aber trotzdem ist er nicht gekommen."

In both examples obwohl / trotzdem simply state that you didn't expect this outcome.


I usually go with: obwohl=although........... trotzdem=nevertheless... both seem pretty close in meaning to me.....


Ich esse obwohl Ich nicht hungrig bin (I eat although I am not hungry). Ich mag dieses Hemd nicht, totzdem kaufe Ich es ( I don't like this shirt, I buy it regardless) The main difference betw, the two: Obwohl cannot be conjugated and stays as spelled, VERS, Trotzdem is being conjugated (genetiv), e.g. Trotz des schlechten Wetters (in spite of the bad weather), Trotz der vielen Möglichkeiten..... (in spite of many opportunities...). Hope, it helps?


my comment was only an addition to the one of motorrobot; he hit the nail on the head, and is very correct.

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