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"Matěj přišel do práce nemocný, a proto teď kašleme všichni."

Translation:Matěj came to work sick, and so now we are all coughing.

February 27, 2018



"Matěj came to work sick, therefore we are all coughing now" ?


i am adding it, but with the right punctuation.


A rare exercise with a lot more translations to English than from it. With "ill" and "unwell" added, we are at 10900 English translations.


Also now should be at the end of the sentence.


Does not have to be.


Yes, exactly. But according to the course, it cannot be there at all.


It can, as you can see above, it was added 7 months ago and we have no recent report that would end by "now".


You just got one report about it today. The course evaluated "now" at the end of the sentence as wrong. And it should, meaning it's not a must.


We haven't got any report from today in the system. Just checked. If you mean this discussion, it does not count. A report must contain a complete sentence.


I (native AmE) agree that there is absolutely no reason why "now" must be at the end of the sentence, although it can be there.


In GB English, I don't think sick is used in this context. You can say someone is off sick. But if you were to ask where Matej was, you'd be more likely to be told he is ill or not well. In this sentence, I think both ill and unwell are acceptable.


First, please not that the main translations typically use American English. But British forms should be accepted.

I was not sure whether unwell also means explicitly ill, or just not well, but dictionaries seem to support the ill meaning so I will try to add it.


Matěj came to work sick, and therefore we are now all coughing. What is wrong with this sentence?


We are probably just missing this word order, which seems OK, but the sentence is already at the limits of Duolingo can do. It might happen, that we will cross those limits.


OK, what we were actually missing is ", and therefore", I think we can add it and the system will still survive it, but it is closing on its limits.

It is quite surprising, usually we have too many Czech translations, but here it is the English side.


Yeah.. currently over 11,000 possible variants of this sentence in English! And we're not even accepting present perfect in the first clause or present simple in the second clause.

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