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Is it possible to learn B1 French in ~1 year?

I am currently attempting to learn French quickly and I've been wondering whether it is even possible to learn French in about a year. A bit of insight, I speak Czech as a native language and I'm somewhat fluent/upper intermediate (B2) in English. I have an exam that will be approximately B1 coming up in March 2019. I currently try to do a bit of Duolingo, Memrise and Lingvist. If you're still here, could you kindly recommend any other resources? Thanks a lot, au revoir !

February 27, 2018



I think it should be, if you work hard! I'm doing German at the moment, and I seem to be pretty close to being able to pass a B1 exam even though I've only been studying for 4 months. I've probably spent 125+ hours a month on it, though, which not everyone can manage. But you already have English, which ought to make it easier... I'm a native English speaker, but I didn't have a high level of knowledge when it came to any other language that's related to German, so you have a head start on me there. :-)

I really like Babbel, if you can afford pay for a subscription... It really helped me out with grammar, and especially with vocabulary. Memrise and Lingvist were much less helpful to me.


It take me 2 years


I am writing my B1 in April, and spending about 4-5 hours per day. B1 is really tricky and Im a bit stressed. Good luck!


Any significant period of immersion can make a massive difference. Even a week in a French-speaking environment can provide a real boost. Ideally, you do it closer to the end of the process than the beginning, when you have developed a strong foundation.


It took me 3 years to achieve B1 in Spanish, practicing everyday whilst living with spanish speakers as an English/ Polish native. I am not convinced it can be done unless your native language is Italian/ Portuguese/ Spanish/ Catalan etc.


I think within a year that seems like an achievable goal. I recommend the listening to the Coffee Break French podcast series and also tv5monde.com. I also recommend Readlang web reader as a good way to start reading online.


It takes around 575 to 600 hours to learn a language like French. Thats 23-24 weeks of studying total. I'm sure you've got enough time! Good luck!

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