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"El búho escribió mucho en español."

Translation:The owl wrote a lot in Spanish.

February 27, 2018



crf: If you really want to learn a language, then using some uncommon, but grammatically correct, sentences should challenge you to think. Whether the boy or a cow writes a letter really shouldn't matter and you learn another Spanish noun!


I'm working on my "new" Spanish section. Quite a few similar sentences insisted on "lots" as the correct answer when I wrote "much." I wrote that, and Duo marked it as wrong and wanted "loads" instead! Please!!!


My owl prefers German...:-(


Is this where Dúo got his name?

Búho < > Dúo ?


I thought the same too. Dúo is an owl too. Rather a green one which makes him unique.


this voice has to go. try it in the slow speed. it mocks you.


Do you mean the Goth Girl? I agree. She's demotivating.

And, in turtle speed, her delivery is p-a-i-n-f-u-l-l-y slow.


I'm wondering if "el tecolote" would have been accepted instead of "el búho." It also means owl, but I think it's only used in Mexico since it comes from Nahuatl.


There's only one way to find out: the next time you get the same sentence, try your word.

It won't hurt (much) and your question will be answered.

And if you don't like the answer, report it so it might get included in the list of acceptable answers.

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