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My Percentage of fluency in spanish

why I am stuck at 63% fluency since a few months? I feel like if you don't sign up for Duolingo plus (and pay) You cannot progress any more can you help me in that matter. Looking forward for an answer. Thank you very much Best regards Martine E c18prajoux@telus.net

February 27, 2018



The Fluency usually maxes out in the 60's for most people. It is designed to never get to 100% so I would not worry about it.

Duolingo Plus has nothing to do with Fluency or additional lessons. It just removes the adds and allows you to download some lessons.


The fluency percentage is fake and shouldn’t be taken seriously.


my percentage went down like 2% yesterday. who knows why these things happen.


I know two people at 80% fluency, they don't have duolingo plus.


Because you haven’t been practicing words


I'm at %66 and have never signed up for plus.


You should practice your words more often. That’s what happens to me.


My fluency hit 65% and stayed there for two months. Then it dropped to 64% for no reason I can see. Approaching Level 18, waiting to see if it goes back up.

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