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  5. "It is not a small colony."

"It is not a small colony."

Translation:No es una colonia pequeña.

March 20, 2013



Does it matter if "pequeña" comes before or after "colonia"? I looked it up, but I couldn't easily find anything explaining if adjectives describing size should go before or after their nouns.

August 27, 2013


The adjectives can go before or after, while they are located just before or just after the noun


Out of nowhere comes the answer "No es una colonia chiquita" whereas I have been trying to to persuade my microphone that the target phrase is "No es una colonia pequen~a". I think I have only come across the word "chiquita" in a song by Abba before this. How am I expected to know that word in the context of Duo lingo? It is a bit like guessing what is in the teacher's head.


Mike, it didn't give me anything like chica or chiquita, but accepted pequiña. I haven't seen chiquita in Duo lessons, either, but remember it from Chiquita banana commercials! I always assumed it meant petite girl, or small girl-child, but nothing to do with a colony. ...


I wrote "Es no una colonia pequeña" and Duo did not accept it. Can it still work though or is it just bad grammar?


"es" comes after the "no"


Well, I asked that question a year ago when I was probably Level 4 or 5 and I already learnt that in the meantime, but thank you for your time! :)


chica = small New word?


Why not "Ella no es una..." ?


does poquita work for small? it said it was wrong


What is the difference between Answers #2 and #3?

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