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How many words will I learn?

Bonjour a tous,

I am at level 12 in French (nearly at level 13), and according to the "Words" tab, I've learned about 2050 words.

If I continue to work on the French exercises, does anyone know how many words I will learn?

Here is an attempt of asking it in French:

Je suis au niveau douze (pres de niveau trieze, et selon la "mots" section, j'ai appris a peu pres deux mille cinquante mots.

Si je continue a travailler aux exercises francaises, combien de mots est-ce que je vais apprendre.

Voici une translation en francais....

How did I do?

February 27, 2018



Your French looks good to me, but I'm not yet advanced enough to recognize mistakes. When you finish your French tree, you ought to know about 2835 words.


I think it depends on your level in the language, rather than when you finish your tree.


Well, there is no direct correlation between one's level and the word count on Duolingo. I'm level 14 right now, however Duolingo shows that I've learned less than a thousand words. Simply because I exercise a lot, but intend to complete the French tree at a slow pace.


Somewhere around 3000, probably just under. I have been done the tree for quite a while, and I don't recall the last time I saw a new word. My count shows as 2971.

There is an updated tree imminent, I do not know how many that will add


WHAT!! I'M LEVEL 13 AND I'VE LEARN 483 WORDS!! Well, that's because I'm just revising what I've done so far :)


I'm level 17, just about finished with the tree, and I have 2560 words

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