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What is up with fluency percentage?

I have been at 65% fluency for almost two months. I am at level 17, and do 8-10 lessons daily, with a 100 day streak.

Today I logged in, and my percentage has dropped to 64%.

Anyone know why, or have some ideas?

I have good days and some not so good days, but no noticeable drop off in the level of material. I have done the main tree twice, and it's fully lit.

February 27, 2018



For some, it is because they do not practice very often. However, you've had a 100 day streak (Congrats by the way!" and unless you just log in to get said streak, I think it was obvious you practiced. Even if it was just a little bit. Since you've been doing Spanish, it couldn't have been you were practicing another language or such.

Sometimes little things like this happen in Duolingo. I know it can be frustrating, cause when you are up that high, and get lowered its very hard to come back up. Anyhoo, I'm sure its nothing too big.

I'm sorry that it was lowered, it's just the way Duolingo works. :(


Thanks for the encouragement.

I am really trying, and while I was stuck at 65% for a long time, I didn't slack off. Oh well .....

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