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"Você nunca falou com a minha irmã?"

Translation:You have never spoken with my sister?

March 20, 2013



"Did you never speak to my sister?" and "Have you never talked to my sister?" are both more likely ways of putting the question than just putting a question mark at the end of a statement. (Using a voice inflection in speech). "You never spoke to my sister?" carries a hint of disbelief or surprise - to my ears anyway. This may be different West of the Atlantic.


Agreed. As a question it would likely be, "Have you ever spoken with my sister?" As a statement, "You have never spoken with my sister."


"Did you never" I don't actually think is proper English. Rhyme in English to help, "Have you ever?" "I have never"


Did you never is acceptable English.


I would say "didnt you ever talk with my sister" ....but not accepted


I tried "Haven't you ever talked...?" I thought it sounded best but I didn't expect Duolingo to accept it. But they did!

[deactivated user]

    "Didn't you ever talk to my sister?" was wrong - am I forgetting my English???


    You are not wrong. That should be an acceptable reply!


    Another translation. Have you never spoken to my sister ?


    Didn't you ever speak with my sister? = You have never spoken with my sister? Does anyone in charge ever read these posts and correct the system or are they just here for us to vent?


    the slow version is the same speed

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