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Is 'van' needed?

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    I watched a Hungarian language lesson video once and this person said that using the word 'van' (is) or 'volt' (was) are not needed in simple sentences. For example, saying 'today is Friday' would be 'ma péntek' which is literally 'today Friday' rather than saying 'ma péntek van' which is 'today is Friday'.

    On DL it uses 'van' in the simple sentences. At least it does in the first couple lessons, that's as far as I've gotten.

    Does anyone know if this is true?

    Thanks in advanced!!

    February 28, 2018



    The Hungarian substantive verb can only be omitted in present-tense third-person indicative (van/vannak) in some cases, otherwise it is mandatory. You can see in detail:

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      There's some relevant into in the Tips and Notes here. I think it largely boils down to "van" being used when the sentence is about physical location and not otherwise, but I'm sure there's much more than could be said about the matter.

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      "Ma péntek van" is the correct sentence.

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