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Kaputt und Beschädigt

I can't work out the difference between these two words. Does anyone know?

February 28, 2018



beschädigt = damaged

kaputt = broken


in my opinion, kaputt is no longer functioning while beschädigt is damaged. If the paintwork of your car has been scratched with a key it is definitely "beschädigt" while you still can drive the car. If the motor isn't working, your car is "kaputt" (or the engine is simply turned off;-)


Also, in English you can use the word “broken” for both “gebrochen” or “kaputt”. Whereas “gebrochen” means that something must be in pieces, “broken” could just mean that something is not functioning.


Apart from the things that are already mentioned, kaputt is infomal, beschädigt is formal.

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