Inappropriate Image During [Spanish] iOS Course


I don't quite know how else to let the Duolingo staff know, so I hope this is alright.

This evening I was doing my daily lessons when I came across a picture of a billboard. You can (almost) clearly see the "f-word" on there- albeit the image is just a tad bit pixelated. You can still tell what that word is, upon looking closer at it.

I do have a screenshot of the billboard from the course, if somebody wants it for evidence or something.

I personally found this to be a little bit of a funny find. But thinking more on it, I wouldn't want a young student to see it and this being an educational tool, the f-word probably shouldn't be involved haha.

8 months ago

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You can let Duolingo know anything inappropriate by using this online form:

I've been doing this and they are good at responding back, many times with how they handled the situation.

8 months ago

haha wasnt funny... just playing but this also happened to me

8 months ago


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8 months ago
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